Mail Magazine in English vol.01

Hello, I am Kumiko Nabesima.
Let me introduce myself.

I am

I teach workshops and seminars on the essence and the unknown aspects of the sound several times a year. In my workshops, all you have to do is to listen to the sound by using only your ears. By opening an ear, your consciousness becomes three dimensions (3D), which allows energy to flow powerfully into the depth of your heart.

I hold piano concerts of improvisation a few times a year. I am happy that you enjoy the transparent sound free from intention. CD is now on sale at Amazon.

I also organize a chorus a cappella named “ The Song of The Wind”. We hold concerts several times a year. You can enjoy the sound space expanding unimaginably, which make you feel released. Our performance is getting more and more popular in this country. CD is now on sale at Amazon.
Negative feelings and thoughts which you have accumulated in your heart can be transformed into treasures by noticing and releasing them. I call it a true adventure. Let’s set off on an exciting adventure you have never experienced! I hope that more people can live out their nature.
I often use the expression “ the transparent sound” in my workshops and seminars. As a matter of fact, “the transparent sound” is what we are searching for. Today, I ‘d like to tell you how I encountered it.

■Kumiko’s “ In Search of the Transparent Sound” vol.1

I am a graduate from Kunitachi College of Music. When I was sophomore, I happened to listen to a student majoring in cello playing in the school festival. It was a sound which I had never listened to. I felt as if it was talking to me. Actually, it was alive with a definite sense of existence.
No sooner had I listened to his sound than I wanted passionately to know its secret. However, I was too reserved to speak to him.,
Unable to do anything, almost two years passed away .
One day, I made up my mind to ask that student.
“ I feel your sound different from others’s. There must be a secret. Could you tell me about that if you don’t mind?”
He was generous enough to tell me about his sound. His point was < to open an ear>.
What on earth does it mean? Although he gave me various examples to make me understand, I could not make heads or tails of it.
Then he suggested me to visit his teacher with him, saying “If you’re so interested in it, why don’t you come over with me? But he is not a professor of our college. Is it OK for you?” As I had already made up my mind to go to world’s end to get the secret, I said “It doesn’t matter.”
On the day of his lesson, I met Prof. Motoyuki Sasaki. He made a strict impression on me. I was allowed to stay in the room and strained my ears.
How slowly he is playing!
It was an incredibly slow tempo.
As soon as I was surprised, I had an image that a hole burst open in the center of my heart. And a bead of a sound passed quietly one by one through the hole!

What’s going on!?
Although I was being puzzled, I felt deep happiness with strong conviction.
This must be the essence of the sound!

I determined to take Prof. Sasaki’s lesson.
This was the first day of my journey searching for the transparent sound.

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