Mail Magazine vol.10

■Kumiko’s “In Search of the Transparent Sound”vol.10

Prof. Sasaki’s lesson gradually brought me a change. However, it was not clear to me.

It’s very difficult to explain how one hears sound. He used to say,
“It’s a mystery how others hear sound, because one cannot borrow others’ ear.”

We can express what we heard even if our expression is immature. On the other hand, it’s impossible to express what we don’t hear.
We take it for granted to hear. As a result, we tend to think that we share the same world inspired from hearing. The truth is, however, we have a different world of hearing from one another.

One day, after finishing my lesson, Prof.Sasaki went out of the lesson room to take lunch with his wife. I remained in the room, waiting for my friend who was going to take his lesson in early afternoon. I was relaxed in the vacant lesson room. In the meantime, his wife came in and brought me a cup of tea and a Japanese style bun staffed with azuki-bean paste, saying,

“Would you like some snack, Kumiko?, You must be hungry. “
“Oh, thank you very much. I’d love to!” I said.

When I was having the bun, I heard a knocking at the door again. It was Prof.Sasaki this time and he said,

“ Kumiko, you must be bored. Listen to this record.”

He played a record of Mozart’s symphony for me!
I was so pleased about my perfect afternoon! Delicious bun and tea! Wonderful music! Peaceful time! It was really a time of perfect contentment! Over the big window, there were deep blue sky and white clouds flowing on the soft breezes. While I was appreciating the music, I noticed one thing.

I didn’t like Mozart before. Because all the melodies and the composition of chords in his music sounded just < do, re, mi >, in other words, very insipid to me. It was nothing but a meaningless list of notes.

At that time, however, the sound of Mozart waved like a living thing and billowed out in 3-D, which created a vigorous, moving space. To my surprise, the majestic blue sky and white clouds joined in the Mozart’s space and became one!

“ Why ? Why couldn’t I sense this dynamic wave before ? The wave of the sound was so powerful! Its intense impression is still alive in the depth of my consciousness.

I had experienced a change of hearing many times through his lesson by then. Still a new experience gives me a deep and different impression each time. When I look back on each experience, I feel that the stagnation of my consciousness cleared up and the “range of my sense” expanded each time. Surprisingly enough, the deepth and the range of what one hears keeps on changing.

I told you that one cannot express what he didn’t hear or that one cannot borrow others’ ear. And furthermore, what one hears differs day by day, according to the depth of his consciousness. Equally, changes one’s expression. There exists a great difference between accepting a change quietly or through conflict and refusing a change or sticking at self. The sound which one hears, the condition of his consciousness and the world expanding beyond differ widely between them.

From time to time, you have an experience of light in your daily life which passes without any special event or incident. Such an experience accumulates one by one gradually and lights the journey to the center of your consciousness.
It took a long time for me to realize the importance of every little experience of light.

By the way, a friend of mine told me that trying to go to the center of his consciousness never fails to make him happy and wealthy.

I have three principles to get good luck which I have acquired through my experiences. But I won’t tell you those, because it’s you to get your own. If you are given such principles from someone, you will have objective-oriented consciousness which is the very factor to warp your consciousness.

The center sense of sound deepens gradually but steadly the spring of your wisdom in your heart.
Let’s look forward to seeing what will happen in your life!

See you next time. Don’t miss it!

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