Mail Magazine vol.12

Kumiko’s “In Search of the Transparent Sound” vol.12

I have a lot of memories of my adolescence when I used to take Prof .Sasaki’s lesson.

From time to time, they pop into my mind and bring me back old days.

Now I’m engaged in a job on sound which I had never imagined those days.

Life is full of wonders!

I hope that you will enjoy the episode which I choose at random from my memories every


Today, I’m going to tell you an episode which occurred long after I began to take his private


I was married and had two children. Those days, I made it a rule to play the record of the

chorus of Yamanashi University when I lulled my kids to sleep.

On the very day, I played the record as usual. I was half asleep and listening to the chorus.

Suddenly, I felt that the chorus had become three-dimentional and I saw a clear image at

the same time.

In a vast cosmic space, the alto, tenor, bass and soprano parts wave and roll in all

directions as if they were living Milky Way. When I concentrated on the bass part, it

approached me. Surprisingly enough, any part on which I concentrate approached me like

a living thing.

It was so dynamic and speedy that I was excited very much!

Next morning, I called Prof. Sasaki to tell him the image I had the previous night. I expected

that he might be glad to hear my story.

However, he said.

“ It’s too late of you to notice it. This is why I’m always saying that students majoring in

music are foolish”

I was a little surprised but was not shocked as I was accustomed to his way of speaking. Of

course, he does not regard I am foolish. It is his unique expression of humor.

Then he added very joyfully,

“ Why don’t you write to me on it? “

My hearing changed and changed.

The living Galaxy of sound is still rolling and waving merrily in my mind.

It is my great pleasure to see and feel that the people’s inner space vibrate more

naturally and wonderfully through my lesson.

When it comes to a chorus( I mean a space filled with several people’s voices), their

inner lights affect and resound one another, which create marvelous sound. There, you

can enjoy a wonderful, powerful and profound sound which one cannot create alone.

The members of “ The Song of the Wind “ including me make this sound a compass of

sense to live a daily life. Indeed, it gives us energy, power and happiness.

Did you enjoy my story of waving Galaxy of sound ?

Don’t miss other unique episodes!

See you soon!

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