Mail Magazine vol.14

Kumiko’s “In Search of the Transparent Sound” vol.14

I remind lots of incidents happened during my days under Prof. Sasaki. One of the epoch

was that he began to coach the chorus of Yamanashi University.

A friend of mine who is my senior by two years among Prof. Sasaki’s pupils used to teach

the piano those days. She was generous, friendly and always willing to help people around

her. Her personality attracted not only me but also other people.

One of her pupil was a student of Yamanashi University. He wanted to adopt “the separate

sing” method which advocated Prof. Sasaki. First of all, he tried to work on Prof. Sasaki

through his piano teacher (my senior friend). Then he involved the chairperson of the

chorus. He seemed to be embarrassed at the sudden proposal of adopting “the separate

sing” method in their practice. As Prof. Sasaki’s method is very unique, I assume that the

chairperson was wondering about the essence, effect of the method and also the coaching

fee by the professor.

All the people concerned had a lot of discussion on the matter and each of them made

every endeavor. Finally, Prof. Sasaki came to coach the chorus of Yamanashi University.

I used to accompany Prof. Sasaki who participated in their camp for practice as his driver. It

is one of my most pleasant memories.

Those days, I had already graduated the musical college and got a job of teacher at

Shouchiku Music & Dance School through Prof. Sasaki. It was a sort of actors’ school for

those who wanted to engage in SKD( Shouchiku Singers and Dancers) run by the movie

company “Shouchiku”. I was not so much interested in show business those days, but

there were many talented and earnest students when I look back on the school which is no

more now. The discipline of the school was very strict in order to train their techniques and

abilities to make up a big stage.

Sometimes, however, you might find an unusual student among them.

There once was a girl student who was excessively self-conscious in my class. She stood

out in the class because not only of her good appearance but also of her excessive self-

I met her in private once as she wanted to have a word with me. However what she told me

was so vague and unfocused that I advised her to compose what she was seeking for and

how she wanted to realize it before consulting others. To tell the truth, she was giving off an

extraordinary and a sort of flattering feeling.

One day when I couldn’t teach my class because of an another appointment, I asked

a friend of mine who is my junior among Prof. Sasaki’s pupils to substitute me with a

permission of the schoolmaster.

To my surprise, the girl student asked my friend to meet her in private yet again. My friend

talked her about Prof. Sasaki’s lesson, which aroused her interest very much. Finally, my

friend took her to Yamanashi University to make her observe Prof. Sasaki’s lesson.

I felt sorry for Prof. Sasaki to hear that because the girl student’s extraordinary, unusual

atmosphere could have ruined his serious and earnest coaching of the chorus.

However, I was relieved hearing the story after that from my fried.

What happened afterwards is as follows;

My friend and the girl student crept in the practice room through the back door. Then they

occupied the rear seats so as not to be noticed by Prof. Sasaki. He was in the middle of

coaching face to face the chorus members. In the meantime, he turned back toward my

friend and the student and said,

“ Ms.******( my friend’s name), how impertinent of you to take such a person here! Get out

of here with her!”

As if stuck by thunder, they split out of the room immediately.

When I heard the story from her, I was moved by Prof. Sasaki’s amazing “sense of space”.

A man seems to generate unconsciously a sort of polar space just like a magnetic field with

his own way of thinking and feeling.

Prof. Sasaki did not see the girl student when they entered the room because they were

behind him. Despite recognizing their existence with eyes, he sensed immediately and

directly the distortion of the space which the girl student generated

Steiner says that hearing is the sense of space. It transcends the dimension. “The

Transparent Sound” requires “the transparent sense of space”. And what’s more, one

of the most important factors to make up the sense of space is the condition of one’s


In such a sense, Prof. Sasaki was sharp-sensed, honest and straight to the deep part of

himself and was always tackling himself the new challenges.

I had never imagined that I engage in a job on the sound now. A series of strange

coincidences led me to teach the essence of the sound. I think that my life is a miracle!

I do feel that my job, my friends, the incidents happening around me and the people who

take my lesson are the gifts from “the future which I didn’t know”.

The sound opens the future! Imagine a new wind blowing toward you with new encounters

and incidents. One of my principles is that life is a series of experiments. The point of each

experiment is that a change of consciousness opens one’s ear, that is, one’ s sense! When

one’s consciousness and sense steer for opening, there rises an antenna of consciousness

infinitely high and it resounds and expands endlessly.

Prof. Sasaki’s theory and personality gave me a lesson I would never forget. Still now, I feel

that I am taking his lesson whenever I give a concert or teach private lessons. Sometimes I

tremble with fear, wondering,

“Can I make the most of this opportunity?”

In such a case, getting away from the fear is not the solution. The tip is to steer for the fear

with courage, expressing straightly what you feel.

My daughter found the word of my ancestor, Naosige Nabeshima who is the founder of the

domain of Nabeshima at a shrine. .

“What I don’t like is good for me.”

Everybody has “true fear” for his nature.

The law of consciousness as energy never fails to make the most of the nature of life. As it

is law, it is very simple and I believe that everyone will be able to use it in the future.

Let’s know, feel and try the sound liked to “the law of the consciousness “.

Thank you very much for reading my essay.

Look forward to other episodes with Prof. Sasaki, please!

See you soon!

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