Mail Magazine vol.16

Kumiko’s “In Search of the Transparent Sound” vol.16

Subtle and delicate sound opens out deeply your heart by its resounding action.

They say that the base of human sensibility is formed by 3 years old. The delicate brain of

a little child raises cubic ears and sensibility by listening subtle sound.

We are surrounded by various sounds in our daily life. Close sound, far-off sound……….

From time to time, I feel the infinite in various sound spaces. Delicate sound brings up

a sensibility which makes us feel different nuances. And one’s heart which can feel the

infinite generates a fabulous cubic space inside. In the cubic space of the heart, his or her

proper energy must be dancing with joy.

In my young days under Prof. Sasaki, I have heard an episode of his childhood. I

remember that he came from Shikoku Island. It was a story of the time when a circus came

in his town.

When a circus came in a town those days, its band played cheerful music in order to

announce its coming and to attract more people. The whole downtown resounded with the

sound of the wind and the percussion instruments.

Probably because his house was situated rather far from downtown, he tried hard to catch

the far-off sound of the instruments and the rhythmic beat of the drums, putting his ears on

the floor board of the porch. He strained his ears for the subtle sound of the band which

was resounding with the floor board.

Imagine how exited and concentrated a little boy of 3 or 4 years old was, getting the subtle

sound and the rhythm of the different instruments! I felt very happy hearing his exciting


One’s heart expands with joy and resounds with the deepest consciousness when he tries

to concentrate on listening to far-off sound or delicate sound.

The simple experience which I offer you expands the reach of your consciousness with

sound. I am sure that it will bring up sensibly the flexible brain cells of little children and

lead them to happy future.

That is what the members of “The Song of the Wind”, the people who take my private

lesson and I always have in our mind.

I hope that the sound would penetrate into the deepest consciousness of people and that

the resounding of happiness would spread while they don’t know themselves, just like the

seeds of clover shoot up everywhere while we don’t know!

See you next time!

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