Mail Magazine vol.19

Kumiko’s “In Search of the Transparent Sound” vol.19

“The separate sing” is the method which Prof. Sasaki discovered and advocated. You can look it up online. I suppose that not a few people know about it and that some of them use it actually. Since ancient times, various civilizations have been born and vanished. In our modern civilization, it is not so long time ago that the chordal music (harmony of the sounds which resound naturally like do, mi and sol) became a mainstream. How to generate harmonic tones differs from one ethnic tribe to another. However, it is sure that those harmonic tones give considerable influence on human consciousness. Sound can be directed toward one’s infinite possibilities. On the other hand, it can be used to strengthen superficial feelings, impulses or distorted brief systems. What I can say through my experiences of having taken Prof. Sasaki’s lesson for a long time is that one has to keep on balancing his internal self in order to master the transparence of his sound and neutralizing his consciousness of the moment when he utters his voice. Mastering neutral instantaneous consciousness which can inspect the moment is the same as mastering the ultimate energy in various fields like judo, kendo, cooking or painting. However, there are some features in the field of sound. By the combinations of the accurate sounds, one can play with the transparent sense of space!! It is the supreme joy to play in a transparent space of sound. Harmonizing by voices. Playing in a sound space with musical instruments. But it does not mean to sing in a booming voice. I think that you have to master one thing beforehand. It is to “concentrate on listening” We usually do not tend to be aware of being deaf to others’ voices by uttering our own voices. Prof. Sasaki’s words were often contradictory with what he had said before. One day, he said, “For whom do you play the piano? For your mother? For me? I guess no. You play the piano for yourself. So play your Bach, your Beethoven!” The other day, he said, “Play concentrating on listening! Then Chopin plays the piano here. It’s not you who play the piano” Although his words sound the opposite, what he wanted to say is the same. By neutralizing yourself, your nature which is aloof from yourself makes a sound. Chopin’s nature which is transcendent beyond him resounds and costars with your nature which is transcendent beyond yourself. How wonderful it is! However, there is a strict law there. You should not intrude your ego on it. Sound expresses actually, really and exactly the state of your consciousness of the moment. But you do not have to be so serious. It means a self as a fulcrum which is beyond individuality, like “I am that I am” As a fulcrum, you work as a pivot. All of your responsibilities for your possibilities in your past and in your future are on “you as a fulcrum” beyond time and space. Just because you are a fulcrum, everything is in you. How fabulous, vast, fearful and grateful it is!! Under Prof. Sasaki, I spent a very happy time finding the laws in the nuances behind the lines of his words. Did you enjoy my essay? You can look forward!

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